About Us

Setting high goals

Pletsas-Kardari is a renowned commercial printing business spanning 30 years and counting. All those years we excelled at understanding the peculiar needs of our customers. We are trusted to carry through the most demanding of tasks and achieve the toughest goals.

Improving our services is a continuous process for us, because we conceive ourselves as a living organism, that must always march forward.

Each and everyday we correct errors, gain experience, and enrich our technical expertise.

To become better.

By offering services at utterly competitive prices, we help our customers succeed.

Our approach is founded on the values of cooperation, understanding, and the thorough engagement with each distinct work, with each distinct person.

We consider ourselves as a loyal and honest contributor, of not only our customers but as well as our suppliers. Our history is our witness.

Therefore, we invite everyone, who wants to apply his/her ideas on paper and gain from our entrepreneurial wisdom and practices.